About us

Me at age 10 learning about retailing saddlery from a tent on the Texas Qld Showgrounds in 1970.

My entry into the retail world occurred in 1970 when my father, a WWII infantryman, grazier and horseman opened The Inverell Saddlery in my NSW hometown.
He and Mum had left their property Menari after a few too many hard years and eventually went into retail to make a new life for themselves.
I was 10 at the time and worked in the shop. We also travelled the show and rodeo circuit doing repairs and selling gear to people using the equipment every day of the year.
It was very close quarters stuff with people who didn't tolerate anything that failed. It wasn't just about inconvenience, it was about living through the day.
So very early on, I learned an appreciation for quality gear, that did the job, coupled with a no excuses approach to selling it.
My passion was wildlife and hunting so I drifted away from horses and now make a living training dogs, controlling animal populations and a few other things that have qualififed me to offer an opinion on what gear will work in that branch of outdoor living.
The basic philosophy here is to provide gear that has been tested in the field and that I will personally back as suitable for purpose.
You will find cheaper elsewhere but you will be lucky to find better.
Invest with confidence and we will help you be even more At Home Outdoors...

Ned Makim